Corporate governance

In accordance with the Company Law, the Securities Law and the regulatory requirements of domestic and foreign regulators, the company established and perfected a corporate governance system consisting of a general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and senior management and formed the operating mechanism of mutual cooperation, coordination, and balances among the decision-making agency, the supervisory agency and the executing agency. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations and regulatory rules, the company formulated the Articles of Association of Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Group Co., Ltd., the Rules of Procedure for the Shareholders' General Meeting of Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Group Co., Ltd., the Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors of Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Group Co., Ltd., and the Rules of Procedure Supervisory Committee of Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Group Co., Ltd. The shareholders' general meeting, board of directors and board of supervisors shall operate effectively in accordance with the Articles of Association and their respective rules of procedure. The company has established and perfected the independent director system. There are currently 14 directors, of which 5 are independent directors. They respectively serve as committee members or committee chairman in the professional committee under the board of directors. The company has set up an audit committee, a nomination committee and a remuneration committee under the board of directors to assist the board in performing its duties. Wherein, most members of the audit committee and the remuneration committee are independent directors, and the independent director serves as the chairmen of the committee.

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