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Talent development

Talent development

Since its founding, Cangnan Instrument Group has always adhered to the concept of “people-oriented, best use of talents, and common development” and has built an efficient, professional and systematic human resources introduction, cultivation, assessment,

Career development channel

Establish a mechanism for cadre training and employee career development, adopt an H-type career development channel, and promote the development of five professional career development systems, including management, professional technology, marketing, production, and support services based on the nature of the job position and job characteristics. Employees can choose the most suitable development path according to their personal characteristics, professional interests and expertise.


The company always pays attention to the cultivation of its employees, promotes the employees’ academic qualification education, implements the MBA training courses and the education of the undergraduates and college degree, and has successively completed the MBA degree education of the senior executives on the job and the project of the college education. Promote the continuous improvement of the overall quality and ability of employees; At the same time, the company continues to improve the personnel training mechanism and pays attention to the training of various talents. ©In accordance with the "combination of internal and external factors," experienced staff leading the new, advanced training, practice training, etc. will be adopted to push forward in different types, levels, and orders.

Salary and incentive

Salary: The Company implements a pay-performance system that combines performance-oriented and job value.

Welfare: Abundant workers' amateur culture - Staff homes and shuttles;

Sound welfare subsidy system –In

Cangnan Instrument regards employees as a valuable asset of the company!
We establish diversified talent introduction channels! Recruit talents nationwide!
Job hunting hotline: +86-577-64839390
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Employee care

People-oriented, the best of people, common development

Emergency rescue knowledge training

Team activity

Launch employee skills competition

Launch employee skills competition 2

Launch employee skills competition 3

Fire safety knowledge training

Occupational health and safety management system training

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